Bananas on a bad day

Working with really huge companies can often lead to misunderstandings around scale. In particular, understanding how ‘big’ something is (and you can quite often interchange ‘big’ and ‘important’). When you’re in the thick of it, running around on the shop floor, trying to make everything happen, it always feels important. That’s how it was for […]

What is an ERP anyway?!

Tech people love TLAs. Three Letter Acronyms. If you’ve ended up here, chances are you might have been looking for an ERP, or SAP, or a WMS, or maybe even a CRM. A well meaning tech person might have told you you ‘need one’. Firstly, let’s break those down. ERP = Enterprise Resource Planning. Basically […]

But our business is… different

If you’ve been running your business for a while, there’s a chance at some point you’ve thought to yourself. “Is this how everybody else does it?” Maybe you’ve even had a conversation with a consultant about best practice. There’s always some variation of the unifying theory that all businesses are the same. Which is true. […]