Stock Control Management

A Flexible, Scalable Solution

Any manufacturing or shipping business needs to understand its stock situation to ensure its smooth operation. Tracker is a flexible, scalable stock control system that grows with your business to improve stock control and minimise losses. Enjoy more accurate reporting and be rewarded with improved stock performance.

Tracker provides complete, end-to-end stock visibility in real-time. You’re always informed of the latest stock situation. Incorporate vital industry compliance into your workflow and speed up picking, packing and shipping processes, saving vital man hours.

Core Components

Think of these modules as your foundations. They’ll save you time and help your business run smoothly. That's why we give you automatic access to all core components from day one.

Extension Options

As your business evolves, your requirements will change too. And we're here to grow with you. Our extension options mean you can add all the extras you need, just when you need them.


We appreciate that one-size-fits-all approaches don't work. So, as well as our flexible module system, we also offer bolt- ons. These customized extras could include e-commerce, or other specialized integrations.

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What is a Stock Control System?

A stock control system is a complete overview of managing your inventory. Managing your stock the right way regardless of organisation size solves stock control and purchasing decisions.

Stock control systems can manage:

  • Ecommerce – from order to dispatch
  • Purchasing decisions
  • Raw materials
  • Product storage
  • Tracking
  • Financials

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Why is Stock Control So Vital?

If you don’t know what your stock situation is, you don’t know if you can fulfil orders accurately. But stock control isn’t just about sales. It’s about purchasing too. Understanding your exact stock situation means you know what to purchase – and when – rather than making a ‘best guess’ based on information that may already be out-of-date.

It provides a full, up-to-date overview of your entire business. 

From warehouse to office, tasks are simplified for accurate results.

"You need a professional system"

– Archie, A Hume Country Clothing

Inventory for all locations

As a growing business, it’s crucial to have a robust and adaptable stock control system. Whether you have one factory or warehouse, one shop or multiple distribution centres, each site is managed with absolute accuracy.

Tracker’s stock control system ensures that sales, purchases, returns and other stock changes are automatically updated so that product availability is adjusted for up-to-the-minute reporting. The moment an item is sold or booked in, all stock levels update across your sales channels.

Returns are also automatically recorded in the system, from booking-in and quarantining returned stock, to credits, or dispatching replacement products. This allows for a consistent and personalised experience to each and every customer.

Unique Software for Stock Management

Tracker ERP and stock control system was created by Will after two decades of working in ‘physical product’ businesses. He found that there was no software doing what he needed it to do. So he created Tracker. This unique system offers complete controllability and scalability for end users.

Warehouse Management

Whatever size your business, you need an organised warehouse. Whether its one site or multiple sites, accurate, real-time stock control is essential to its smooth running. And utilising Tracker’s stock management module enables just that.

Tracker’s software also enables faster order picking, packing, and dispatching, saving vital man hours for a more efficient system. Greater productivity means greater profit, and an opportunity to further grow your business.

1. Purchasing – Utilise the smart tools and integrated system to reduce overstocking, forecast demand, and calculate the true costs of products.

2. Sales – Accurately maintain stock levels to fulfil demand of popular and seasonal items and prevent overstocking of slower moving products.

3. Accounts – Reconcile supplier invoices and accurately forecast cash
flow by combining accounts with your purchase order system.

4. Warehouse management – Tracker’s warehouse management system combines with the purchase order system which together prevent stocking issues for better stock management.

Industry Distribution

Tracker was built for distribution companies, whatever their industry. Tracker is assisting businesses from personalisation and schoolwear companies through to eyewear companies. Using Tracker, you have full end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, stock control and profit margins from one central hub.

End-to-End Visibility

Whether it’s goods in, or dispatching your latest orders,
Tracker provides complete visibility of your entire stock holding across
multiple site locations.

Monitor your purchasing movements and know ahead of time
when goods are scheduled for booking in. See a full breakdown of your stock situation
as well as locating and processing stock quickly.

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Key Features

Stock Control

Ensure you know your exact stock situation with Tracker. It allows for complete visibility and traceability and delivers accurate stock level management.

Sales & Purchasing

Fulfil your sales potential through better control supply chain management. Monitor stock for better purchasing decisions.


Your website integrates seamlessly with Tracker for a complete purchasing management solution.

E-commerce and Marketplace integration

Have a complete overview of your sales channels, eliminating overselling and delivering improved customer service through combining websites and marketplaces.

Warehouse automation

Maximise picking efficiency, save manhours, reduce costs and drive business growth with an integrated Goods-to-Person solution.


We appreciate that one-size-fits-all approaches don't work. So, as well as our flexible module system, we also offer bolt- ons. These customized extras could include e-commerce, or other specialized integrations.