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As Will had spent two decades working in various ‘physical product’ businesses, he knew exactly what the software should do. He just needed time to make it.

18 months, (hundreds of late nights and too many coffees) later, he crafted the first piece of software and tried it out for himself.

Initial tests showed that the product could save customers time and money. The next step? Refining the software and sharing it with the world.

In June 2018, we proudly launched the first version of Tracker. Since then, it’s been adopted by a huge range of businesses from clothing companies to contact lens creators.

We’re developing Tracker all the time, giving our clients more benefits with each update. As technology and businesses evolve, so will we. In fact, we’ve only just got started.

Meet The Team

Will Hemming


Before setting up here, I spent 20 years working in product-based businesses. In 2004, I started Uni Kit – the first online seller of customized team clothing – from my parents’ spare room.

Dani Saveker


Dani is a Board Member and advisor to the business. Previously a CEO of her family’s manufacturing business, Dani has experience of many of the problems Tracker solves.

Martyn Proctor

Commercial Director

Martyn advises the Tracker Board on commercial matters, and has a wealth of career experience working with enterprise software. He reacts very badly to “We’ve always done it like this”

"You need a professional system"

– Archie, A Hume Country Clothing

Your springboard to business growth.

“Tracker saved us two days a week of human time”

Adrian, AGAME

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