But our business is… different

If you’ve been running your business for a while, there’s a chance at some point you’ve thought to yourself.

“Is this how everybody else does it?”

Maybe you’ve even had a conversation with a consultant about best practice.

There’s always some variation of the unifying theory that all businesses are the same.

Which is true.

Sort of.

Just like all people are the same, right?

Clearly all people aren’t the same. They have some similar attributes or characteristics but differences are visible.

It’s the same with businesses. There are plenty of shared characteristics. It’s why software like Xero has over a million subscribers – the common features of bookkeeping and accounts are shared.

When it comes to the day to day running of your business, the gap can widen dramatically.

How many places you store products, the types of sales you make, where you get them from, how you buy or make the products, all add up to something unique to you.

Even more so if you have a manufacturing, or customisation element.

Finding out what is common, and what is different, is the most interesting part of the job for me. Then I can understand how to tailor a solution for an individual business, whilst still making use of standard features.

Try us out, tell us how weird you are and let’s see if we can make Tracker work for you.

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