The Solution

The solution

We built Tracker to help you take control of your day-to-day work. By combining automation and human expertise, we simplify jobs like production, picking, customer ordering and procurement. Our aim? Improving efficiency and freeing up time, so you can grow your business.

Core Components

Think of these modules as your foundations. They’ll save you time and help your business run smoothly. That's why we give you automatic access to all core components from day one.

Extension Options

As your business evolves, your requirements will change too. And we're here to grow with you. Our extension options mean you can add all the extras you need, just when you need them.


We appreciate that one-size-fits-all approaches don't work. So, as well as our flexible module system, we also offer bolt- ons. These customized extras could include e-commerce, or other specialized integrations.

Our six core modules explained

Core modules lie at the heart of Tracker software. They’re the essential elements that help keep your business moving and growing. While each module contributes to your overall system, they also stand alone. This means you can flexibly give permissions to the right teams, at the right times. Want to know more about each module? Great. Let’s get started.

Keep on top of your orders

These first three core modules give you a birds eye view of your products and orders.

1. Orders – Easily keep track of your orders, from the moment the customer buys, to the moment of dispatch.

2. Products – Tracker breaks down everything you buy, sell and make. So you can quickly see where you stand.

3. Inventory – Want to know the movement of your products? We’ll show you your product’s location and help you manage your stock more efficiently.

Get clear on your customers and suppliers

Your next modules help you keep track of customers and manage suppliers.

4. Customers – See all of your customer information in one place, and quickly add any custom fields to log extra details.

5. Suppliers – We make it easy to record and manage your suppliers. Get a quick overview, or open up individual profiles for more in-depth insights.

6. Purchase orders – Raise purchase orders in record time, and create ad-hoc purchases quickly, whenever you need to.

For more details on these modules, or our customised support for garment businesses or manufacturers, please get in touch.