AGAME: Their Tracker Story

Tracker saved Adrian two days a week of human time

"I got in touch with Tracker because I was frustrated. I wanted to scale the business, but I didn't want to pay for more manual labour, especially when our current system was inefficient."

Adrian, AGAME

The Challenge

My teams were spending so much time on administration and managing orders. We had a process in place, but it involved using lists and complex spreadsheets to get everything done.

I also had a separate problem: I wanted to take all of my embroidery and print production in house, rather than sending it out to an external company.

Looking back, I had a lot of challenges for Tracker to sort out!

The Solution

I’d been looking for an ERP solution for a while, but no one I approached seemed to understand my business. Speaking to Will at Tracker was like a breath of fresh air. He got us straight away and provided us with a solution that fitted.

Tracker meant our teams could input all orders into one central location, including bringing in orders from our webstore.

We also decided to move our website over to Shopify, so it could integrate with Tracker and our existing structure.

The Result

Using Tracker and moving our site to Shopify has saved us a lot of time. We’re now publishing customised items directly to our webstore from Tracker. While Shopify’s Point of Sale app is working brilliantly for walk-in customers, customer collections and sale days.

The great thing is, all of this data flows back into Tracker, so we can keep on top of all of our sales – and manage our stock more easily.

To put Tracker’s impact into simple figures, we used to spend 2.5 days a week on manual processing. Now we spend less than a day.

During 2020, with COVID affecting in-person sales and with my staff on furlough, having Tracker meant I could pretty much run the business myself. I was dealing with online orders and enquiries from home, and arranging customer collections once a week in a safe manner.

This would have been impossible – or incredibly time consuming – if we were still using our old manual system.

Without Tracker, we would simply be exhausted now.

It revolutionised our operations, got rid of time-wasting spreadsheets and cut out manual entry jobs. We saved two days a week of human time and reduced the amount of errors significantly.

One more benefit of Tracker is getting Will as part of the deal. He brings independent thinking, clarity and a solid understanding of the market we work in. Our wisest investment.