Pure Optical: Their Tracker Story

Now we're meeting demand, and scaling up

We can pick and pack 50 orders per hour per person, we calculate Tracker is a minimum of 10 times faster than our old manual process

Adrian, AGAME

The Challenge

Before Tracker, our day-to-day processes were time-consuming and inefficient. Our staff would spend hours picking and packing, creating labels and printing off orders.

The business was growing rapidly, so we were all under pressure to get things done as quickly as we could. And because of that, we were seeing more human errors and a lack of accuracy.

As sales grew, we quickly realised that the slow speed and labour costs of ordering, receiving, packing and dispatching was in danger of fundamentally preventing our business from growing any further.

The Solution

Thankfully, Tracker solved all of these problems and more. We were able to introduce a seamless process that works for us today – and will continue to grow with us going forward.

In all honesty, adopting Tracker was a big move for us. But Will was there to take us through the process and get everything up and running. He solved any problem that came up for us. And now we can’t imagine life without Tracker.

The speed of the total process is quite amazing. Prior to Tracker two people could process 30 orders per hour. With tracker we can pick and pack 50 per hour per person. That makes Tracker over six times as fast with total accuracy. Add in the time savings relating to the ordering process, we calculate Tracker is a minimum of 10 times faster than our old manual process.

The Result

Tracker is an essential system for any E-Commerce business.

It’s a fast and accurate solution, ensuring brilliant customer service by preventing any errors in the dispatch process.

It is also easily scalable by simply adding dispatch stations therefore securing our ability to expand the business without any concerns.

Richard – Founder, Pure Optical